The most frequently asked question: Which kit is right for me?

What are the minimum system requirements for using the Digital Kit?

How long is a S.T.O.P. and Relax© lesson?

Can I go beyond the 22 Sample Lesson Plans and make up my own lessons?


The most frequently asked question: Which kit is right for me?

We offer the S.T.O.P. and Relax curriculum in printed, digital, and hybrid (“PLUS”) formats. All versions contain the complete, core curriculum. The choice of printed or digital format is in part a matter of personal preference. Also consider whether your students are likely to show better response to the printed visual cue cards or to the digital cue card slides. Printed versions cost more to produce, which is reflected in price.

The Printed kit PLUS includes the complete Printed kit, plus the complete Digital kit (a savings of 50% off the Digital Kit.)

The Digital kit PLUS includes the complete Digital kit, plus the Easy-Flip Easel containing all the Visual Cue Cards in print form.

The charts below compare features and contents of the complete Printed and Digital kits.

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Features Comparison

 Complete Printed KitComplete Digital Kit
PreparationMaterials are printed and
ready to display or copy
PDF format. Instructor can print out pages as needed.
DisplayDisplay Visual Cue Cards manually, using the Easy-Flip EaselDisplay Visual Cue Cards as PowerPoint slides (requires a screen and, for larger groups, a projector)
Visual Cue Sequences25 Lesson Plans are
included. Instructor selects from the 55 postures and arranges the lesson sequence in the Easy-Flip Easel before each teaching session.
25 Lesson Plans are already in place as individual slide shows, along with the master set of 55 postures. Instructor creates, stores and retrieves additional lesson sequences as separate slide shows.
Instructor's CardsPrinted, bound flat, and tabbed for easy reference while teachingTo reference while
teaching, instructor prints cards from PDF, as needed
Instructor's Mobility During LessonsProximity to Easy-Flip Easel necessary to turn through the Visual Cue CardsA screen/projector with a remote control allows
mobility while showing
visual cue slides

Contents Comparison

 Complete Printed KitComplete Digital Kit
Instructor's ManualPrintedPDF
55 Instructor's CardsPrintedPDF*
55 Visual Cue CardsPrintedPowerPoint
Easy-Flip Easel (for Cue Card Display)Binder
Visual Props:
- Footprints
- Focus Circles
- Left-Right
- Starting Positions
Posters: 8.5 x 11"
- Rules for Relaxation
- S.T.O.P.
Posters: 11 x 17"
- Rules for Relaxation
- S.T.O.P.
25 Lesson Plans (from 5 to 30 minutes)PrintedPDF* and PowerPoint
Student Story Books
- Rules for Relaxation
- I Can S.T.O.P. and Relax
Permission Slip Templates (for use in a school setting)Printed+PDF*+
Progress Monitoring Forms
- Signs of Stress Checklist
- Scatterplots
Audio Tracks
- Guided Breating
- Floating on a Cloud
- Music for Dreaming
CDm4a audio files

* The instructor can print these PDF documents for use in teaching S.T.O.P. and Relax©
+ The instructor can make copies of these documents for use in teaching S.T.O.P. and Relax©


What software is needed for using the Digital Kit?

For the PDF documents, we recommend the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

For the Visual Cue Card Slides, PowerPoint PC or Mac is needed.

An audio player such as iTunes or QuickTime is required for the Audio files.

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How long is a S.T.O.P. and Relax© lesson?

Our Sample Lesson Plans provide a continuum of lessons as brief as 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes.

Teachers report that the brief, mini-lessons are particularly useful at transition times.  For example, teachers lead their students in practicing standing positions while they are lined up, waiting to leave the classroom.  Similarly, teachers conduct a mini-lesson of seated positions when their students first take their seats upon return from lunch or recess.

Feel free to adjust lesson length to your student(s) and circumstances.  The self-control and self-calming skills nurtured by S.T.O.P. and Relax are learned incrementally, through frequent practice.  Lessons that are short, but frequent, are preferable to long, infrequent lessons.

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Can I go beyond the 25 Sample Lesson Plans and make up my own lessons?

Absolutely!  The 25 Sample Lesson Plans are intended as a starting point, not a limit!

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Why are the visual cue cards without facial details, and gray, rather than colorful ?

In our pilot work, we found that the grayscale cue cards, without facial details, were less stimulating for the students and facilitated focus on the posture, generating better response.

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